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Custom Letter Pendant By Maxwell The Jeweler

Custom Letter Pendant By Maxwell The Jeweler

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$500 price will go to the 50% deposit required for this custom work!

Maxwell The Jeweler offers custom jewelry services, including the creation of made-to-order initial pendants. You have the option to incorporate any letter into your custom pendant, and you can choose from various metals for your design. They specialize in working with a range of materials and offer the possibility to include gemstones in your custom piece​.

For a custom letter pendant, Maxwell The Jeweler has a starting price point, but the final cost may vary depending on the complexity of the design, the type of metal, and the gemstones you wish to include. They offer personalized services, ensuring that your custom jewelry piece matches your vision and preferences.

It's recommended to contact Maxwell The Jeweler directly through their website to discuss your specific requirements, including the type of gemstones you want to include in your custom letter pendant. This will allow you to get a precise quote and more information on the design process, production time, and payment options​.


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