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Large White Topaz Cocktail Ring in 10k White Gold

Large White Topaz Cocktail Ring in 10k White Gold

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Now available this beautiful solid 10k white gold white topaz ring. By estimation this ring is nearly 60-100 years old and is in great condition for its age. The style is reminiscent of jewelry from the Victorian Era.

Make a statement with our Large White Topaz Cocktail Ring in 10k White Gold—an exquisite piece that captures attention with its bold design and sparkling allure. This ring features a generously sized white topaz gemstone, exuding brilliance and clarity, set against the lustrous backdrop of 10k white gold.

The elegant combination of the large white topaz and the cool white gold setting creates a striking contrast, making this cocktail ring a show-stopping accessory for special occasions. The sizable gemstone and its multifaceted cut catch and reflect light, ensuring that the ring becomes a focal point of any ensemble.

Adorn your hand with the dramatic elegance of this Large White Topaz Cocktail Ring, a perfect blend of sophistication and glamour in the enduring beauty of 10k white gold. Whether worn for a formal event or to add a touch of glamour to your everyday style, this ring is a testament to timeless luxury and chic design.

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