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Diamond Cut INRI Crucifix in 14k Yellow Gold

Diamond Cut INRI Crucifix in 14k Yellow Gold

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Embrace the spiritual grace and timeless elegance with our Diamond Cut INRI Crucifix in 14k Yellow Gold, a symbol of deep faith and devotion. This meticulously crafted crucifix stands at a majestic 1.85 inches tall and spans 1 inch wide, making it a prominent and meaningful statement piece.

The crucifix features the revered INRI inscription, denoting "Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews," and is adorned with intricate diamond-cut details. The 14k yellow gold construction not only ensures durability but also imparts a warm and radiant glow to this sacred pendant.

Wear this Diamond Cut INRI Crucifix as a personal expression of your beliefs or present it as a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Its substantial size and exquisite craftsmanship make it a powerful symbol of faith and an enduring testament to the divine in the timeless beauty of 14k yellow gold.

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