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Natural Oval Cut Blue Topaz in 14k Yellow Gold

Natural Oval Cut Blue Topaz in 14k Yellow Gold

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Elevate your jewelry collection with the ethereal beauty of our Natural Oval Cut Blue Topaz, set in exquisite 14k yellow gold. The focal point of this enchanting piece is a resplendent aquamarine, boasting an elegant oval cut with dimensions measuring 11.9mm by 9.8mm. This captivating gemstone exhibits a serene blue hue reminiscent of the clear ocean waters, evoking a sense of tranquility and sophistication. The carefully chosen 14k yellow gold setting complements the gem's radiance, creating a harmonious balance between nature's splendor and fine craftsmanship. Adorn your hand with this timeless and gracefully designed aquamarine ring, a symbol of both style and serenity.

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